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Featured Happy Hour - Sonoma Wine Bar Capitol Hill

Talk about a neighborhood that needs good watering holes... Capitol Hill's abundance of staffers, government contractors, and city workers need a drink when they're finally off of the clock. Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of my favorite places to pop in for happy hour and it also makes for great people watching! They have a great wine selection, and happy hour features $7 glasses and $10 delicious house made sangrias. One of the Sangrias is actually a bourbon sangria which I'm not sure that I've seen anywhere else! If wine isn't your thing they have a healthy selection of beers on tap and for $6 you can enjoy a Miller Lite - possibly the best domestic light beer ever made.

Indulge in $2 off small plates, discounted pizzas, and a Bottle of featured Rose and Charcuterie board package come the warmer months. One of Sonoma's biggest missions is to source only local food ingredients, use renewable energy, and initiate sustainable practices. So while you are throwing them back you can feel good about the mission behind the business! Happy hour runs from 3-5:30 Tuesday - Friday, so dip out of work early and go get some delicious wine and food!

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