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Neighborhood Feature: Georgetown

Perhaps the most sought after neighborhood in all of Washington DC is Georgetown. Situated right on the waterfront on the west side of the city, Georgetown is home to some of DC's most iconic restaurants and includes the best architectural showcase of DC row homes. Sit on the waterfront patio at Filomena and indulge in incredible seafood and Italian fare, or dine with bottomless brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers. Brave the long line at Georgetown Cupcakes as seen on the Food Network, or grab a warm chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery. Don't leave this neighborhood though without checking out my personal favorite - Toon Bar and Grill located underground - for an affordable meal and pitchers of beer.

Once you're done eating and drinking, walk off your food and stare in awe at the Georgetown brownstones. With 2BR row homes for 1.2 million to 7 bedroom brownstones for 6 million, there is something there for everyone's taste. These houses feature exposed brick, private courtyards in the back, and fabulous interior updates. Walk out of your house and jog along the water, or take a nice stroll to West End and Dupont Circle and you'll see that you're truly in the middle of it all. Keep your eyes open for Congressmen and celebrities, and if you like people watching sit out on the patio at the corner tavern where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie. Georgetown is truly one of my favorite neighborhoods I have ever been to and I would love to show you what possibilities await you there!

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