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Neighborhood Feature - Capitol Hill

One of the city's most popular places to live, Capitol Hill is just east of Downtown DC. It has some of the most iconic row houses in the city, a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene, and is home to many of the city's iconic government buildings. You'll notice tourists roaming the steps of the Capitol, taking photos out front of the U.S. Supreme Court Building, standing in awe at the size of the Library of Congress, and taking the beautiful walk towards the Washington Monument.

If you love the DC row home architecture as much as I do, a stroll through Capitol Hill will leave you in awe. With most of these houses starting around $900,000 and stretching upwards of $3,000,000, you'll notice century old turrets, private rooftops, and fenced in front yards. There's also an amazing array of colored brick exteriors and landscaping.

One other incredible part of Capitol Hill, and the part I most like to enjoy, is the restaurant scene. Call Your Mother Deli has a location there where you can sit outside and enjoy a Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese with Hot Honey Jam on an everything bagel. Barracks Row has some of the city's most culturally eclectic restaurants with places ranging from Balkan All-You-Can-Eat to El Salvadorian food. You'll notice that all of these places are nicely walkable from one to the other and there are multiple Capitol Hill metro stops.

If you've attended a baseball game in Navy Yard and are looking to escape the crazy foot traffic after, take a 20 minute stroll to the north and run right into all that Capitol Hill has to offer. Go on a date night to Barracks Row and enjoy delicious food, swanky cocktail bars, and divey neighborhood taverns. Finally, don't just dream of your dream row home with a turret on the side, let's go see the insides in person and see if we can turn those dreams into a reality!

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