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5 Tips For First Time Buyers

Build the best a team around you! Finding a local agent who works with a ton of first time buyers is a good first step. You'll want to...

How Do Commissions Work?

How agents get paid and how much we make feels like a growing topic of discussion surrounding the increasingly expensive real estate...

Which Homes Have Highest Demand?

With the market rapidly changing and buyer demand declining, are all parts of the market being affected equally? Actually, the "luxury...

What Do Interest Rates Over 6% Mean?

The housing market is now dominated by millennials, who represent the largest segment of the population and are nearly all of "home...

Neighborhood Feature: Georgetown

Perhaps the most sought after neighborhood in all of Washington DC is Georgetown. Situated right on the waterfront on the west side of...

Rents Rising In The DMV

Even now, I still encounter people every day who believe that it's in their best interest to rent and wait out the hot housing market. ...

Featured Happy Hour - Due South

Situated right on the river in Navy Yard, Due South has just added to an already excellent happy hour! They have introduced their...

When Will The Market Slow?

Believe me, this is the most common question that I get and I wish that I held the crystal ball. While I can’t predict the future, what...

Stories of Foreign Real Estate

Even before I got into the real estate business, one of my favorite parts about traveling abroad was looking at how different the real...

A Historic January

I remember January 2021 where everybody was sure that the market was out of control, prices were too high, and buyers were going to be...

Neighborhood Feature - Capitol Hill

One of the city's most popular places to live, Capitol Hill is just east of Downtown DC. It has some of the most iconic row houses in...

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